My name is Daniel Chavez and i like to draw, paint… and learn !

Relevant Experience: 

·        March 2008, Freelance illustration for Tokkun Studio. (http://www.tokkunstudio.com/)  

·        January/February 2009, Freelance illustrations for unreleased Shadowrun Book. (http://catalystgamelabs.com/

·       July 2009 - June 2010, working full-time contractor at Bungie Studios. 

·       June 2010 - November, working full-time at Blizzard Entertainment.

·      November 2013 - April 2014, working full-time at Kojima Productions - Los Angeles

·       June 2014 - Present, working full-time at 343i in Redmond WA. 

As a professional, I can assure to provide:

·      Efficiency, reliability and accuracy in my tasks.

·      Strong imagination drawing skills in traditional and digital media. 

·      Strong skills in character design, environment design, industrial design, anatomy, and illustration.

·     Advanced knowledge of Photoshop.

·      Fluent in English, French, and understand Spanish.

Relevant Education 

·        Attended art and architecture classes at Mesa Community College from Spring 2007 to Fall 2008. 

·        Attended from March 28 to March 31 2009 the International Art & Design Conceptart.Org Workshop